CH Kyntilly Highland Wisdom at Ashgate

BP & Reserve CC – Richmond 1995 – G Corish
Reserve CC – Southern Counties 1996 – M Spavin
Reserve CC – East of England 1996 – W Browne-Cole
1st CC – Leeds 1996 – G Corish
2nd CC – Belfast 1996 – M Micklethwaite
Reserve CC – N of Ireland WHWT Club 1998 – E Berry
Reserve CC – Driffield 1998 – E Keenan
Reserve CC – WHWT Club 1998 – J Kabel
Reserve CC – Manchester 1999 – W Browne-Cole
3rd CC – Three Counties 1999 – R Platt
The only Sinclair Champion offspring at Ashgate, her litter sister became American Ch K Highland Wonder at Ashgate.  A younger sister won a Reserve CC.  Wisdom also won her Irish title.  Her offspring (all by Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe) Include RCC winner A Highland Sage at Rosquin, A Scot’s Sagacity (dam of Ch A Scot’s Progress), A Lunna at Roscafin (granddam of CC winner) and A Weem (granddam of A Inish Biggle)

Highland Wisdom

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